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In the winter months, it is sometimes too chilly to enjoy the outdoor activities that you love, and people find that they want to spend more time indoors. However, no one wants to spend all of their time cooped up inside University City apartments near Charlotte, NC (no matter how nice they are!). So, the best way to stay indoors and still enjoy a social activity is to catch a flick at one of the best movie theaters in Charlotte!

There are plenty of great places to see a film in the Queen City, and we have collected a list of some of the best theaters around the metro area.

Manor Twin Theatre

This theater, located on Providence Road, opened in 1947. It's two screens typically show independent projects, limited releases, art house flicks, festival films, and the occasional big release. It seats about 300 people, and it has that classic theater look. The parking lot is fairly small, so if you plan on seeing a show, get there in plenty of time to find a spot.

Cinemark Movie Bistro

This chain theater combines blockbuster films with delicious food and drinks. The snack bar includes items like pizza, hot dogs, and BBQ which can be washed down with an ice-cold beer. The star of this theater isn't the celebrity in the latest film, it is the super comfortable seating. You can kick back and relax in the reclining seats and feel just as comfy as you do at home binging Netflix. You can reserve your seats to get your ideal spot.

AMC Carolina Pavilion

This is one of the most comfortable movie theaters in the entire Charlotte area. Take the light rail to the end of the line (the 485 stop), and you can walk across the street for a movie at AMC Carolina. The reclining seats are very comfortable, and the concession stand serves all the regular favorites. They even have a full bar if you prefer a little cocktail with your evening's entertainment. They require you to reserve your seat when purchasing tickets, so you can always sit in your preferred spot if you purchase early enough.


Ayrsley Grand Cinemas

This theater is quite a trek from University City apartments, but it may be the only place in Charlotte, NC that you can screen films from India. This independently-owned theater showcases new releases, blockbuster films, independent movies, special editions like director's cuts, and Indian releases. Note: the admission for Indian films may vary as those prices are set by the distributor.

Studio Movie Grill

You can see all the current films in the EpiCentre at Studio Movie Grill. The facility is state-of-the-art, and they offer an in-theater dining menu as well as a full-service bar. It is a good way to catch dinner and a movie, and then follow it up with a night at one of the many clubs in this entertainment Mecca. The EpiCentre can be reached by the light rail to make a super convenient night out.

Ballantyne Village Theater

This little gem is found on the top floor of the Ballantyne Village main building. It is one of the only art house theaters in the city, and it has five screens dedicated to showing the films that you can't see anywhere else in town. It is upscale and sophisticated with its plush seating and a full bar. You will enjoy watching all of the alternative releases you won't find at the major cineplexes, and then when you are finished with your film, you can head downstairs for dinner at one of the many restaurants in the village.

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AMC Northlake

After a day spent shopping at Northlake Mall, you may want to relax for a few hours and enjoy a show. AMC Northlake has fourteen screens showing all of the latest films, and the IMAX sound will have you feeling like you are in the middle of all the action. The customer service at the concession stands will have you wanting to make this your go-to spot for watching a film.

Badin Road Drive-In

While not technically in Charlotte, the Badin Road Drive-in is located in Albermarle, NC which is about an hour away from all University City apartments. However, that one-hour drive will be totally worth it for the chance to enjoy an old-fashioned drive-in movie. On Friday and Saturday evening's you can catch a double feature. It is the ultimate date night treat!

No matter which theater you choose, you will enjoy your evening out watching a good film. The many theaters near University City apartments in Charlotte, NC offer all of the things that you need for a good date night or a family outing: comfortable seating, quality films, and good snack foods. Plus, for an extra special treat, you can visit the drive-in!

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