5 Great Reasons Why Paying Rent Online is Awesome

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As you may know, your Phillips Mallard Creek Apartments have decided to transition to an online only rent paying method that will replace the current manual pay system. While you may be feeling a little hesitant to embrace the new method, this post is here to ease your mind and let you know all the reasons why paying rent online is awesome.

We are happy to announce this upgrade, and it is likely already a method you are using to pay your other monthly bills like utilities, car payments, and credit cards. So, this jump should fit in seamlessly with your regular budgeting routine. Here are five reasons why you are going to love switching to paying your rent online.


Your Mallard Creek apartments have chosen a very safe and secure online portal for residents to use when making rent payments. You can rest assured knowing that your information is secure behind a solid firewall, and the data is encrypted to keep your banking information safe and out of the hands of hackers. When you make your rent payment through our portal, you won't have to worry about security!

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By paying your bills online, you can live a lifestyle that is just a little bit greener. Having online payment options and choosing to receive all of your statements via email, you will be saving a whole lot of trees! All the paper that was being used to print your statements will be saved, plus the paper that was being used to make your checks will be saved as well. Not to mention there will be less mail clogging up your mailbox and fewer envelopes to recycle. Also, all the energy that would have been spent printing your invoices and checks won't be wasted either. You will be doing the environment a solid favor by paying your rent and other bills online. Also, you will save a little bit of the green that goes in your pocket too by not having to buy as many boxes of checks.


What if you no longer had to worry about making it to the office before closing time? Wouldn't that alleviate a bit of stress out of your life? On the day the rent is due, you could simply log into your account from the comfort of your own home, while on your lunch break, or even while taking the Blue Line in to work. Making your rent payment will become a simple task that takes barely a minute. Because of this easier online method, you will be less likely to miss making your rent payment and incurring late fees. Another thing to consider is automatic bill pay. A lot of banks will allow you to set up automatic payments for things like utilities and car payments. Check with your bank to see if you can set up an automatic payment for your rent as well. Then you won't have to worry about it at all!

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Paying your bills online is an excellent way to keep your finances organized. When you pay everything manually, relying on your checkbook and paper bills, it can be easy to lose track of something or accidentally skip a payment. By switching to online payments, you can simply sit down at your computer screen (or smartphone) and easily click pay on each of your billing websites. This process is even easier when you keep a nice monthly budgeting spreadsheet. Plus, you will be able to get all those paper bills and reminder notes off of your Phillips Mallard Creek apartment counters, eliminating paper clutter!


When paying your bills manually, you are usually given a receipt showing proof of payment. However, paper receipts are easy to lose or misplace, and if your bill payment was ever in doubt, you may have a hard time proving that the bill was paid. When you make your payment online, there is an immediate electronic record of the payment that can be referred to whenever needed. Also, if there comes a time when you need to show proof of your rent payments for credit purposes, you will have an easy to access record of your payments at the tips of your fingers.

Now that you are ready and excited to transition to exclusive online rent paying system, you can find the information you need to sign up through the resident portal. If you find that you are confused by the system or need more information, stop by the office and our staff members will be more than happy to assist you. Each of our leasing professionals knows the ins and outs of the system and can easily help you set up your account … or just teach you how to navigate the portal. Give them a chance to show you the great customer service the Phillips Mallard Creek Apartments is known for!

Here is a recent article from the U.S. New and World Report that will help put your mind at ease when it come to paying bills online.

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