Amazing Tips That Will Help You Maximize Your Apartment Space

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No matter if you have lived in a tiny home or a sprawling mansion, it seems that you can always manage to fill up your rooms with plenty of furniture, knick-knacks, and "stuff". Finding enough storage space in an apartment can be especially difficult because you can't do any structural changes like you could if you owned the property… but have no fear! Here are nine amazing tips that will help you maximize the space in your Mallard Creek apartment near Charlotte!

1. Utilize Vertical Space

When considering your storage options, it always helps to think outside of the box and use up all the vertical spaces that are often forgotten about. Is there space between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling? It is a great spot to store small appliances like a mixer or a pretty set of wine glasses. This is a great place to put items that you don't need to access very often, but that are also pleasant to look at. All the more reason to buy that teal green Kitchen Aid you keep eyeing. Another spot to consider is the space above doors. You can hang a shelf above the bathroom door to store toilet paper or even towels.

2. Furniture with Hidden Storage

Storage areas can be hidden all over your Mallard Creek apartment! There are a lot of ottomans on the market that contain hidden storage areas. These are the perfect place to store throw blankets, DVDs, or even the back issues of your favorite magazines. Another hidden storage spot to consider is underneath your bed. IKEA sells an awesome drawer with wheels that fits underneath your bed and can be pulled out with ease. It makes a perfect place to store all of your shoes, or you could easily stash Christmas decorations under there.

3. Consider a Murphy Bed

A bed takes up a lot of space inside a room, and although a person spends about half their life in bed, it isn't always necessary to let it take up so much space within the bedroom. A Murphy bed is an excellent solution to the problem of the space-hogging bed, especially if you want a guest bedroom to do double duty as a home office. The bed can come down when you need it and disappear when you don't.

4. How About a Loft Bed?

An alternative to the Murphy bed, that still affords you the same amount of free space, is the loft bed. This option only works for those that have fairly high ceilings, however, because no one will be able to sleep comfortably when their nose is literally touching the ceiling. Here at Phillips Mallard Creek, our ceiling are nice and tall! A loft bed frees up all the floor space and is the perfect solution to having the bed out all the time but still having the extra space. This is an especially great option for children and teens.

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5. Embrace the Basket

Baskets are a fantastic storage solution because you can place them all over your apartment: under tables, in corners, on shelves, and above cabinets. They can hold a ton of stuff but still look like decorative style choices. Baskets can hold extra rolls of toilet paper, cords for your electronic, or even baby diapers. No matter what you choose to store in baskets, they will look like something you choose to be an accent to your decor.

6. DIY and Custom Furniture

The best way to maximize your space is to avoid oversized furniture that is too large or clunky for your apartments rooms. Finding the right fit can be a challenge, especially if your rooms are not a standard size, but if you order your furniture custom or DIY the pieces yourself, you can get tables, chairs, and bookshelves that fit perfectly in the space that you have. Thankfully, all of our floor plans here at Phillips Mallard Creek are very spacious.

7. Get a Few Leaning Ladders

The leaning ladder is a design trend that you can see in just about every magazine or Pinterest. It is a such a simple decor element that looks trendy and cool. Use the ladder as a place to store throw blankets or scarves for a nice pop of color and function.

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8. Make the Most of Closet Space

Utilize every last inch of your closet space… but keep it streamlined and organized. Add shoe racks underneath your clothes, use pretty boxes to stack things on your shelves. You can even add command hooks on the open wall space to hang belts ties, or purses. What is your favorite closet hack?

9. Cut the Clutter

The absolute best way to maximize your space is to simply have less stuff. Set aside a weekend to go through every room from floor to ceiling (or 15 minutes every day), and purge everything that isn't being used or loved. A lot of people tend to hold on to things they don't really want or need for a myriad of reasons. "I might wear it again someday" or "It was a gift from someone" are just two of many clutter causing excuses. Just get rid of it. Your life will be simpler, your Phillips Mallard Creek apartment will suddenly seem bigger, and when it comes time to move, packing will take much less time.

Now that you have read about all nine of our maximizing space suggestions for your Mallard Creek apartment, it is time to get started. If you decide that you need a little extra space for storage or organization, please ask one of our leasing agents about on-site garage and storage options. 

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